Free download Automated Joomla Migration Service

Automated Joomla Migration Service

CMS2CMS: Joomla Migration Service is an migration online tool which allows you to import content, categories, users
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7 May 2013

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This is a tool that helps migrate a web site from one platform to another; Joomla to Wordpress in particular.

There is a simple interface available at the developers’ site. You will need to create an account to start utilizing the service. Facebook or Google account authorization details could be used too. Having logged in, you could opt for getting the migration done yourself or ask the company to help. This is the “assisted migration” option available on the interface. When you want to get the job done without the developer services intervention, simply click on the “Start migration” button. Source URL and the destination URL are two inputs to be provided and the CMS platforms. Drop down lists will help you choose the CMS easily. Next step is to set up a connection bridge. This file helps get access to the source site and the data in it. It also helps connection to the target URL so that data could go there easily.

This connection/bridge file would be downloaded into your local computer. The source site and destination site FTP are set up through this file. WinSCP, FileFTP, FileZilla, CuteFTP, etc. are some of the FTP clients you could use. A cms2cms file available with the downloaded bridge zip file bundle will need to be copied to the root of both the sites. You then choose the options of what elements are to be transferred. Migrate media, make URLs SEO friendly, clear current target data are some of the options available. Just to be absolutely sure, you have the option of running the process for just 10 pages first. If everything works fine, go for the complete conversion. You do not need to shut down the source site during the migration, it will available to the world, even as the migration is happening. This is a very good tool.

Publisher's description

CMS2CMS: Joomla Migration Service has been developed to facilitate content management system migration. It makes the process of Joomla to WordPress migration really fast and accurate.
CMS2CMS features:
-Content, categories, users, internal links, images, comments, SEO URLs, tags and posts import to WordPress - quickly and accurately.
-Preserved website navigations - the service guarantees no broken links
-Migration Technical Assistance Support - highly professional engineers will help you to handle the whole process of migration.
-100% uptime for Source website during the migration.
CMS2CMS benefits:
CMS2CMS is designed to ease the process of CMS migration. It caters for non-technical users as it doesn't require any technical skills or coding and for users who don't have time for complicated manual migration procedure.
CMS2CMS is the automated tool, so setting up the migration won't take more than a few minutes. You just have to provide their Source and Target CMS types and we'll take care of the rest.
CMS2CMS is available from anywhere with the Internet access. It's a web based service, so you don't need to install any software and can avoid additional load for the computer.
CMS2CMS saves your time. It is faster than any other way of CMS migration - the whole process will take a few minutes to a couple hours to be completed, it depends on the quantity of the entities only.
CMS2CMS lets you switch to WordPress for no cost, letting to have your website content moved with no risk at all!
Catch the opportunity to get the new life for your site - it has never been easier!
Automated Joomla Migration Service
Automated Joomla Migration Service
Version 1.4.6
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